My Quest For The Perfect Gallstones Treatment Program

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Ans so searching for an alternative gallstones treatment, I decided to take responsibility for my own health and went my way looking for answers – anything other than surgery.

So this is how I started my health quest and my research.

I knew there were alternatives to gallbladder surgery , and where there is a will there is a way, and so I began to pray for answers. I desperately needed an effective gallstones treatment option.

Then one night I had a waking lucid dream . I was shown an inside view of my abdomen with three large stones on the top leftside of my liver. Then a voice that seemed to emanate from my heart said: “This is the cause of your problems.”

By no means I am trying to say that it was God showing me the pearly gates of Heaven with information that no one had ever heard. No, nothing like that. I had asked God for an answer to my miserable condition, especially my constipation, and I had received an answer. The Call compels the answer. I am no more special than the next person, but if more people did this very thing with great intensity and heartfelt desire to learn the truth, they would have the same result. I say this with respect to whatever your beliefs are.

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Back to my story…

I instantly knew then that the painful spasms and sensations that I was experiencing, as well as my long standing constipation, bloating, indigestion were all a result of one underlying cause: excessive gallstone formations .

But what puzzled me was where I had been shown these gallstones were– on my left side, not on my right side. Odd, the recurrent gallbladder pain I was having was on my right!

So I began my research and found that bile is manufactured in the liver and stored in the gallbladder.

Doctors Can’t Always Tell If You have Gallstones

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Then I learned that most of the gallstones actually reside in the liver, not the gallbladder, in the form of cholesterol deposits . But if you go to a doctor and tell them to run a test on your liver, you will be told that there is nothing wrong with you and that your liver is fine.

That is because only calcified gallstones can be detected via ultrasound or X-rays, and because only 20% of all gallstones found in individuals are calcified, that leaves the remaining 80% non-calcified (cholesterol) stones virtually undetectable by modern medical diagnostic tools.

So even if the typical gallstones treatment of surgically removing the gallbladder, the gallstones can still be present and stored in the liver . That is why up to 50% of patients that have gallbladder surgery can still have recurring pain.

The more I read, the more I became convinced that if left untreated, I could end up suffering with a whole barrage of nasty secondary reactions, all linked to gallstones.

Instead I decided to learn what foods of lifestyles caused gallstones before I started in any gallstones treatment.

I now understood the cause of my physical ailments and what foods made those conditions thrive , but now I wanted to learn how could I get rid of them without having a precious part of my body violated or removed from me, or without being maimed for the rest of my life for not having that organ with me any longer. After all the gallbladder has a function.

My road to discovery was long and arduous and full of trials and errors.

In my long search for a sensible gallstones treatment I came upon one possible solution that could dispel these pesky gallstones naturally.

I applied this technique and saw immediate results; I could see the gallstones in my stool! The constipation and spasms disappeared, but only temporarily. Soon they returned again. What had happened?

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This is what I learned:

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We don’t have a few gallstones; we have thousands of them in varying sizes ranging from under 1/8th of an inch to over 2 inches in diameter.

As gallstones are eliminated from the body, many others take their place. The first to be eliminated are those closest to the opening into the intestines (Ampula). But many others soon begin to crowd the exit point, like passengers gathered around a subway’s door ready to exit as soon as those closest to the door take their leave.

When the first set of gallstones got eliminated, the pain disappeared because there was no pressure against the wall, but as other larger gallstones pushed their way to be eliminated, the gallbladder pain had returned. By now I had reached a plateau. It was as if a large gallstone was stuck blocking the way.

None of the of the things I followed seemed to work. Not even a popular natural gallstones treatment was working. I felt pressure, but no gallstones came out. I was more constipated than ever. I tried certain herbs credited for aiding in the elimination of gallstones, but they too did not work. I was stuck again.

There has to be an easier way, I thought.

Finally I saw Light at the end of the Tunnel!

There is a synergistic relationship between certain herbs that enhances the potency of the formula when used in certain proportions. It is like adding two plus two and instead of getting four, you get nine. Once I learned of this and had a lab mix them, then the results were nothing short of magical .

I began using the new gallstones treatment and within 24 hours of taking the formula my gallbladder pain had vanquished altogether. The gallstones were dissolving!

When I eliminated the gallstones, most people could not believe what they saw. The gallstones had been ground to a pulp and eliminated as thousands of tiny little stones and without any pain whatsoever. It was difficult to believe.

My Discovery Lead Me To A Formula And A Gallstones Treatment For Pulverizing Gallstones

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All my studies, my prayers and my trials were finally paying off.  I had discovered something truly remarkable, a way to smash to smithereens gallstones of all sizes so they can be flushed out painlessly and within a relatively short time.

What is best of all, is I never had to leave the comfort of my home; no hospitals, no drugs, no surgery, no expensive medications or exorbitant doctor’s bills.

But the credit for this discovery does not go to me. I cannot take this credit because in reality, it was a mix between being in the right place, with the right people guiding me, in the right open frame of mind and becoming very inspired. So the credit goes up High, where it belongs. After all, I am merely an instrument. I know nothing, and I like it that way. I am just a good observer and try hard to be a good listener.

The rest came easy. Within a relative short time I had put together a gallstones treatment for dissolving and flushing gallstones of all compositions. Whether calcified or cholesterol based, it mattered not. They were all disappearing! Whether they resided in the liver, the gallbladder, or the common bile duct, mattered not either. They were all being eliminated effortlessly!

The friends to whom I had freely dispensed my formula to because they were having gallbladder issues and were considering having gallbladder surgery, were all calling me to tell me that their gallbladder pain had disappeared on the second day after taking the formula . Those who had gone to the doctor to perform ultrasound, gallstones could no longer be detected, and thedoctors were perplexed as to how they had suddenly dissolved!

Soon, many of them were trying to convince me to come out and market this gallstones treatment. I resisted, and to a certain degree I still do because of my long-standing stubborn views towards the world of business.

Success Stories

[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”20″][testimonial_slider style=”multiple_visible” color=”accent-color-dark”][testimonial image=”6238″ title=”Testimonial” id=”1460038539475-6″ name=”Danny M.” quote=”“Since taking Pulverexx ™ my bowel movements have become more regular … The first time that I took it, probably I expelled an amount of 15 or 20 gallstones, different sizes. The second time I took it, it probably was about 100 … black, green, orange colors … I can tell you I would recommend it very highly and unless you’ve take it you would never know.”” tab_id=”1464107721334-4″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][testimonial image=”6235″ title=”Testimonial” id=”1460038539262-9″ name=”Henry G.” quote=”“I was having a lot of side pains … I went to the doctor and did a sonogram (ed: ultrasound) and they told me I had a lot of gallstones in my gallbladder. He told me they had to do surgery and I told him I don’t like surgery.” tab_id=”1464107722197-9″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][testimonial image=”6237″ title=”Testimonial” id=”1460038539395-9″ name=”Tony S.” quote=”“I had a gallstone attack. I went to a doctor and the doctor recommended I’d do surgery … I have taken Pulverexx ™ for 30 days and since then went back to the doctor and they have taken and X-ray and Ultrasound and they found no gallstones and I have been free of them since.”” tab_id=”1464107723025-9″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][/testimonial_slider]
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[split_line_heading]In some of patients, the symptoms became more frequent after gallbladder removal:
“Two years after cholecystectomy, dyspeptic symptoms had recurred in almost 50% of patients with a trend towards an increasing relapse rate with the passage of time .” 2

My Mission Is For You

To Get The Same Results That I Had


All my life I had watched self absorbed individuals lie, cheat, steal and screw each other (pardon the French), all for a fist-full of dollars. Where’s the integrity, the honor and honesty. Where is ‘serving others more important than serving yourself’?

As I write this letter still battling these feelings and praying to God, He may help me overcome them and all the self-defeating thoughts that run thru my head with respect to starting a business. In a way I have never wanted to become part of something unless it was serving some other part of Life. I have never felt a part of anything really.

Yes, I know it is perhaps stubborn and unrealistic , but I truly long to be part of a world where human lives or other life forms are more important than dollars; where love and mutual respect are more prevalent than selfishness, blind power and greed; where viciousness and callousness have been replaced with mutual cooperation and the desire to help those that are less fortunate than you; and where ill people and all their pain and suffering are not viewed as sources of profit.

And so I sit here in front of my keyboard typing away my thoughts and thinking to myself, this is not a sales letter, it a declaration of intent, the paving of my long held desire to be of service to those that may benefit from my help and the knowledge I have gathered with respect to the human body and health.

I don’t claim to know everything, but if the little I know can make someone else’s life easier, then it will help me go to sleep faster; it will make me feel worthy.

I do apologize for the rather unconventional means of getting the point across. I never planned it this way, but I did feel suddenly moved into just letting the words flow.

I just want you to know that when you click on the buy now button and get asked for an amount of money, you know without a doubt that my desire for selling you this program was never just to make a buck, but to attempt to help you instead.

I never said: “I need to make a buck. Let me slap a product, any product together, so I can market it as the best of its kind, even if it is inferior, and then sell it for a good profit.”

No, my gallstones treatment and liver formula is the culmination of much physical pain, much trial and error, and lots of observation. What is more important, my program is the answer to a prayer.

My program is outstanding and I believe without a doubt, that it was inspired and that it will help you. I believe you will also be convinced of that.

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[split_line_heading]That is not all! I found another study, which placed gallbladder removal as a contributing factor in pancreatic cancer.
“Cholecystectomy also appeared to be a risk factor, as well as a consequence of the malignancy. Subjects with a cholecystectomy at least 20 years prior to the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer experienced a 70% increased risk…” 4
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Dissolve Gallstones

without the need of gallbladder surgery