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The Pulverexx Protocol

Pulverexx™ is a pain elimination program and a gallstone treatment & dissolution plus removal protocol with a long-standing track record of success.
Pulverexx™ does not only deal with symptoms. It addresses their root cause by dissolving and eliminating obstructions, such as gallstones, fatty liver deposits (fatty liver), fibrin, stagnant bile, sludge, mucous, toxic accumulation of chemical residues or drugs in the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and at the mouth of the pancreas that can be the source of gallbladder attacks and other symptoms of serious ailments.
Pulverexx™ is a program that dissolves gallstones and toxic deposits, whether they are found in the liver, gallbladder, common bile duct or at the mouth of the pancreas.

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in Gallstone Relief & Liver Toxicity

If you have been battling gallbladder pain, gallstones pain symptoms, liver congestion and different kinds of digestive disorders, you have come to the right place.

Our team of experts came up with a revolutionary program to tackle a worldwide epidemic, the source of pain – liver toxicity, gallbladder stones, and sludge. Many symptoms, including gallstone pain and some diseases, can be traced back to stones congestion in the liver and gallbladder as well as digestive issues that can stem forth from them.

Since all drugs, alcohol and pharmaceutical medications are metabolized in the liver, the Pulverexx™ Protocol is ideal for those who are smokers, steroid users, or those who have suffered from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, chemical sensitivities, and those that have been on medications for extended periods of time and desire to detox and purge residues of these compounds that are still in their bodies.

Gallstone treatment in Canada & the USA is safe and effective

An estimated 25% of North Americans who suffer with digestive discomfort and painful gallbladder symptoms seek treatment each year. The conventional solutions typically include medication and surgery. There are safe, effective and completely natural alternatives for many people, however. The complete Pulverexx Protocol™ and guide can alleviate your pain, break down gallstones and facilitate their removal. In addition, Dr. Eden’s exclusive formula is a safe and easy way to support optimal liver and gallbladder health. You can try it for yourself, risk-free!

Gallbladder Treatment

FREE e-book

FREE  e-book

This bold new approach will help you to…

  • Stop a gallbladder attack in under 24hrs.
  • Reduce pain immediately
  • Work on gallstones up to 1” (2.5 cm) in or 1 ¼” (3.2 cm) in diameter
  • Work on cholesterol and calcified gallstones
  • Release years-worth of toxic waste
  • Reduce or eliminates the need for surgical removal of the gallbladder
Pulverexx is 100% Natural, it’s Good for People of All Ages.

Pulverexx consists of herbs originating from the pristine rainforests of the Amazon. There are no chemicals, binders, fillers, or other additives added into Pulverexx.

With the type of information we have, even if you don’t buy our program, you will be one step closer to finding a real answer to your gallbladder or liver problems and pain simply by reading our website and watching our videos.

When you read through our website you will undoubtedly find very useful information about the main causes of gallstone pain, liver and gallbladder congestion and all their associated symptoms. The information is so powerful that after reading you may actually know more about stones and how the liver and gallbladder works than most doctors, as well as what to do.

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