Gallstones Passed with Pulverexx Protocol

What do gallstones look like?

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Can Gallstones Be Passed?

Gallstones can be passed while doing a liver flush or some other detox procedures, like Pulverexx™ Protocol.  They could be different in size, color and consistency, depending on you diet choices, lifestyle, health condition, the “age” of the gallstones, and also it depends on the method you’ve chosen to dissolve them.

How can you make sure that you had really passed gallstones?

Firstly, if you had gallbladder attacks before, you should feel a relief.  Then, in your stools, you could find the gallstone formations. Refer to the galleries and descriptions below to find out what should they look like.

Mario Avino

Gallstones I Passed Following the Pulverexx Gallstone Elimination Protocol

Pulverexx Dose

I had been following the Pulverex Gallstone Elimination Protocol quite closely, with the only difference that I was taking 1 capsule twice daily (Note: The recommended dosage for urgent cases is 2 capsules twice daily for a maximum of three days, and then back down to 1 twice daily for the remaining fifteen days).
Gallstones passed 5/12/08

The earliest gallstones that I pass during this Pulverexx Session were larger in number and had green color mostly.

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Gallstones and sludge passed 4/14/09

Later, I noticed that gallstones were coming out as bigger formations of small light coloured deposits. In the reality that is sludge.

Gallstones and sludge passed 5/19/09

With regular cleanse procedures, gallstone formations that I passed were becoming smaller and smaller.

Gallstones and sludge passed 6/29/09

With regular cleanse procedures, gallstone formations that I passed were becoming smaller and smaller.

Gallstones and sludge passed 10/21/09

Finally, gallstones were passed in the form of a mush or a paste after following the These white formations are composed of thousands of pulverized gallstones and solidified into these large masses in the GI tract with bile.

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There was no pain prior or following their elimination. Shortly before passing them I was feeling a general pressure in the gallbladder area (right side of the abdomen, right of the belly button). The pressure was not sharp, like that of a hard stone pressing against a small section of the walls. It was rather that of a non-defined mass occupying space waiting to be ejected. I could specifically feel the pressure when I ate some food and bile was trying to get around the obstruction. But no pain. Another sensation I felt was occasional muscle twitching. This is a natural response to any obstruction. It is liked trying to shake off something off of you.

Gallstone Consistency

The gallstones retain their general mass and are hard enough to stand the pressure of a water faucet or the strokes of a brush without falling apart. They are ‘glued’ together by bile, but if pressed with enough force – around the range of 15-20 lbs of force – they will break off as you will see in some of the photographs. They were also very foul smelling. No wonder why some people’s breath stinks so much! These highly toxic gallstones are inside them.

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