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Pulverexx Protocol Testimonials

Video Testimonial

“I totally endorse this product called Pulverexx Protocol. This product absolutely works. I tried it personally. I started at the beginning of September and finished it from the onset to the very offset, the whole program. I felt gallbladder pains for almost a year, tried all kinds of avenues to get rid of it but this stopped the pain after the second week I started using it…The very last day of the program and the very next day I had all of these things coming out…. Thousands of stones… Small ones, Big ones, in-between ones. From morning till very night… Now I’m totally pain-free, I FEEL GOOD, and I would recommend it to anybody. God bless you! ”

By Pastor Amaral

Video Testimonial

“My first impression of this protocol was nothing short of amazing. By following the detailed protocol steps along with help from Mario I was able to pass thousands of small caviar sized stones from my liver and gallbladder. I plan on using this on a yearly basis for body health maintenance. ”

By Robert
April 16, 2012

Gallstone The Size of A Golf Ball

By Max C, Salem, Ohio

“Hello Again,  Here are my photos from flush number 2.  The number of stones are less than the first flush, however, there were 6 larger ones not in these photos. One almost the size of a golf ball!  Do you suggest I do another flush/protocol (#3)? When do you consider a person “free” of gallstones?  Thank you again for this product, I feel great and look forward to your response?”

Pulverized Gallstones Max CPulverized Gallstones Max C

Video Testimonial

“I was having a lot of side pains … I went to the doctor and did a sonogram (ed: ultrasound) and they told me I had a lot of gallstones in my gallbladder. He told me they had to do surgery and I told him I don’t like surgery. So I know this friend of mine; his name is Mario, and he introduced me to this drug called Pulverexx ™ and what it does it reduces the size of the gallstones so you would be able to pass them in about 30 days to 45 days… I was taking these pills for 30 days twice a day … I was able to pass all the gallstones that I had in my gallbladder. Now, some of them are still there because I went back to the doctor after the treatment and he took a sonogram (ed:ultrasound) and told me that there was a significant reduction of the gallstones that I had … They did take a sample of the gallstones and told me they were made of calcium phosphate, which are the ones that came out of my gallbladder.”

By Henry G.

Henry_G_stones-_04Gallstones passed by Henry G

Video Testimonial

“I had a gallstone attack. I went to a doctor and the doctor recommended I’d do surgery … I have taken Pulverexx ™ for 30 days and since then went back to the doctor and they have taken and X-ray and Ultrasound and they found no gallstones and I have been free of them since.”

By Tony S.

What People Say About Pulverexx Protocol on Independent Forums

August 26 2011


By CureZone/ Liver Flush Debate Forum/ guest124

So despite being only 21, I’ve done over 20 Liver Flushes (maybe even over 30) over the past 3 years (along with eating very healthily and exercising). My initial goal was to rid myself of acne, and it worked in clearing about 90% of it. I did not count my stones, but I’ve expelled so many that the total combined volume of the stones would greatly exceed that of my liver and gallbladder. Sure my symptoms were greatly improving, but I inherently knew that there’s no way all of those things were gall/ liver stones. I’m now fully convinced that they are not even stones, but just formations of hardened bile and what not. Maybe a few of them were stones that were small enough to pass, but the rest… there’s just no way. Every time I do a flush, I can feel movement in my gallbladder area (front right, under rib cage) and my liver ducts (middle back, right side) but there was no end to them, flush after flush I expelled hundreds. And I doubt that they were forming that fast, especially when I was on a Paleo Diet with pasture-raised meat and exercising vigorously for months at a time.

Also, after doing cleanses, I would feel a “tight” feeling in my gall bladder area and twitching sensations. My gut feeling was that there were stuck stones.

So back to my thread title: yes I think I’m on the verge of a breakthrough. I hate to advertise specific products, but I came across the Pulverexx Protocol a few weeks ago and as a product junkie, I had to try it. Basically its a pill that contains Chanca Piedra, Boldo, and Hercampuri (I have no idea what the latter two are, I’m reading this straight off the bottle) but its supposed to break down the stones. It also comes with a booklet explaining how to do a Liver Flush after you’ve been on the pills for a few days.

Being the experienced flusher that I am, I got straight to it. After 2 or 3 days, I felt a weird sensation in my gallbladder. It was like a slight burning, but not at all painful. It showed up in the mornings after taking the pill and I just couldnt wait to flush to see what would happen.

What People Say About Pulverexx Protocol After Trying It

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June 30, 2016

Yes, it does work. And it does so very well!

By Michael K.

Yes, it does work. And it does so very well! I’ve used this product off and on for the past couple years, on my quest to eliminate gallstones. While changing your diet and getting lots of water is crucial, I have yet to find anything as effective as what is being offered here. Lately, I had not been drinking enough water and reverted to guzzling sodas again for a while, and I started having some pains again. I decided it was time to start a new Pulverexx run yesterday and this morning, already, I felt a large mass of sludge or greasy stones move out of my gallbladder and slowly down the bile duct into the intestine. It may sound gross but it felt amazing! The pain in my shoulder blade is gone now and I can think clear again. I wish people would give this product a go before they have their gallbladder cut out because it really does work. Just be sure to modify your diet as well. Good health to you all and thank you Dr. Edens.”

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May 12, 2015

Amazing Product

By Jose J.

Amazing Product. I am so glad I found this product in the Internet as I was in so much pain and desperate for a remedy. I looked into the product very carefully and decided to give it a shot. I am so glad I did. I followed the four week program as given in the booklet and even though it was hard because of my previous eating habits it was well worth it. … I experienced all of the symptoms they said I would without any pain what so ever. I’m so glad I decided to go this route and not through surgery. I began to feel so much better the same day I ended the program. I’m so thankful and will continue to mention it since I was able to get rid of what I know has to be over one hundred stones from 1″ to 1/8″ in size. I will recommend this product to anyone suffering from gallbladder pain. It works…… I’m so thankful to God and Pulverexx for giving me back my health.”

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FREE e-book

FREE  e-book

October 31, 2015

Product Works Great

By Jeremy S.

Product works great. I had tried other natural means that didn’t work, but this WORKS! I would recommend it. It is the only things I have ever taken that could stop and attach.”

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April 27, 2015

It did work!!!

By Battur Tugsgerel

It did work!!! Many thanks for saving my wife’s gallbladder from getting removed. She had a gallstone attack couple of times and we decided to try your product and follow the guidelines to eliminate the gallstone while waiting the surgery. After following the guideline to eliminate the gallstone three times with a month break between each and she managed to flush out all her stones and the ultrasound test could not detect any gallstone. When we bought the medicine we were apprehensive about its effects, but it did work wonderfully. Thanks a lot again.”

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July 14, 2014

Used this product

By Jay Shawn

Used this product. Amazing! Must buy for sufferers of gallstones!”

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March 17, 2014

Pain Free Thank You Pulverexx

By Ann

Pain free thank you Pulverexx. Hi there, I ordered the pulverexx in desperation, I’d had a history of gallstone pain for over 20 years with attacks lasting from 3 hours to (in the last year or so) up to 2 weeks. I had been booked in twice to have my gallbladder removed but always pulled out, knowing there must be another way to treat this problem. My friends were well aware of my condition as so many times I missed out on things because ‘I had gallstones’ as I told my doctor ‘it is ruining my life’, I could grovel in bed for days with hot water bottles clutched to my side and taking so many pain killers I was probably poisoning myself. I had just had a week of pain and was ready to put myself back on the list to have it removed when I looked at your site on the internet which I had saved previously to my favourites bar. It was my last chance, I ordered 3 bottles, thinking I would need to do the program a few times, it took a good few weeks to arrive (I’m in NZ) I started it straight away followed the 4 week program fairly to the letter (Epsom salts rather than enemas)which was actually quite easy, the worst bit being the big lot of Olive oil at the very end but wow I am so glad I did it, everything went exactly like you said it would, all the gurglings and slight pulsating and twinges in my gallbladder. It’s been over 3 months now and I haven’t had any sign of gallstone pain. I would absolutely recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from gallstones.”

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January 4, 2014

This Product Really Does Work

By Kimberly N.

The product really does work. The first time I tried the weekend only cleanse to rid my gall stones, without using the Pulverexx product. I did not pass one stone, but endured the whole weekend long process of the olive oil, lemon juice cleanse that I found on another web site. Once I found this product and used it according to the directions I passed literally hundreds of stones. Some very large, many medium sized, but many many pebble sized stones as well. I was amazed. I still have to be very careful with my diet, but prefer to keep my gall bladder and have the added benefit of cleansing out the liver. I was slightly skeptical but desperate as I did not want to have to go through the surgery process for several different reasons. It has been over a year and I have not had a gall bladder attack and have been through two cleanses, getting ready to start my third. It’s a process but worth it!”

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July 22, 2013

Saved My Gallbladder

By Linda Small

“This is my second order. SAVED MY GALLBLADDER. This program has saved not only my gallbladder but $12000 for gallbladder surgery and hospital bills. It is amazing how I now feel. I am buying another one because my friend is having some liver and gallstone issues. Thank you so much for bringing this forth to people. You are doing a great service.”

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June 25, 2013

Just saved myself about $8,000 for the surgery…

By Naty R.

Just saved myself about $8,000 for the gallbladder surgery I would have had to have. “I am so happy I found you guys. I was having constant pain now on a regular basis. I was very scared and unsure whether surgery would be the answer to my pain. After all I have been reading quite extensively about how many people still have pain after surgery. It was quite easy to do your program. Within the same day after beginning the program, I felt relief. I still felt a dull pressure there for the weeks to follow, but no pain. Then, when I completed the whole thing I felt complete relief and managed to see a lot of small pieces in my stool. Thanks again.”

Source: Product reviews

June 6, 2013

Suffered from gallbladder attacks

 By Biozena

Suffered from gallbladder attacks. I was getting very sharp stabbing pains under rib cage and sometimes I would feel it in my back. I had to watch everything I ate for fear of an attack. I decided to buy Pulverexx and started. It has been 2 months since I finished the program and I have no pain. I saw what appeared to be gallstone fragments in my stool. I will do it again, just to be sure. Thanks”

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Thank You Letters

After Completing The Pulverexx Protocol Some People Have Even Sent Us Their Photographs!

June 10, 2012

Gallbladder Symptoms & Recurring Migraine Headaches Disappeared

By Gisela R.

Gisela R WGallbladder Symptoms & Recurring Migraine Headaches Disappeared. Last year I experienced sharp pains in my gallbladder along with persistent abdominal discomfort, indigestion, bloating as well as piercing headaches. I don’t know what exactly happened, but after taking Pulverexx™ everything disappeared. Thank you! Mario for this very helpful and innovative product.”
January 23, 2012

Large Gallstones Passed With Pulverexx

By Richard R.

“Here are Two Pictures of gall stone that I had pass. Scanned 3 days after passed,…I used olive oil & lemon both times. ”

Gallstones passed by Richard R

Video Testimonial

“Since taking Pulverexx ™ my bowel movements have become more regular … The first time that I took it, probably I expelled an amount of 15 or 20 gallstones, different sizes. The second time I took it, it probably was about 100 … black, green, orange colors … I can tell you I would recommend it very highly and unless you’ve taken it you would never know.”

By Danny M.
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